Shanna’s Thoughts

Shanna Gerry, Executive Director

MTILP, Inc. had another successful year in 2019, including the purchase of 2 brand new red buses, remodeling of office and programming spaces, and the complete transition into Family Care/IRIS programs. I can’t express how thankful and proud I am of our dedicated and hard-working employees whom provide the day-to-day services to our clients. Due to our outstanding employees, we are able to continue to provide exceptional services to our clients across all departments.
The management team met in November to continue strategic planning and working on steps towards meeting the Corporate Goals established by the Board of Directors.  Over the past several years, the leadership team continues to strive and present innovative ideas to improve and continue to grow as a company.  I couldn’t be happier of our leadership team, their dedication to their staff, and excited to watch their respected programs grow in 2020.
SWO, Supported Employment again had great success adding 10 new clients between referrals and high school graduates. Further, we have expanded our employment opportunities for our clients by adding seven new job sites. Congratulations goes out to the SWO employees for a job well done!
The State Program is working diligently to raise $30,000 to improve their outdoor space for the clients. This space will include a fenced in paved area with a pergola to allow clients more independence outdoors. As of today’s date, approximately $8,000 has been raised between fundraisers and donations. I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has donated their time, talents or money to achieve this goal. Also, a huge thank you goes to Calli Dahl and Taneil Boerner for their continued efforts in seeking out donations and creating great and fun fundraising activities.
I’m truly grateful to work with amazing individuals and love seeing their compassion to provide the best services to the clients they serve. Thank you to everyone for a wonderful and memorable 2019.