Shanna’s thoughts – Executive Director

Shanna Gerry, Executive Director, 608 237-7614/email

What an amazing beginning to the 2019 year for MTILP, Inc.! In the fall of 2018, the State Program was again awarded funding for the next three years serving clients from CWC. I’m so proud of the hard work the staff applied in completing the bid as well as their everyday dedication to the clients we serve. With the new contract, our site expanded from 27 clients to 33! With the excitement of additional clients, the Whalen site needed remodeling to accommodate our clients. Thanks to our landlord, Scott Lewis, for donating some of the time and materials to help offset the cost of the remodel! What a beautiful remodel!
With the expansion of the State Program, SWO Day Program needed a new area to provide services. The corporate offices, SWO offices, and the SWO Day Program moved into a beautiful, newly remodeled area on the third floor of the Nob Hill building. Another special thank you to our landlord, Dave Knoche, for also donating time and materials to offset the cost of the remodel.
On April 27th, we continued our yearly tradition of “Pour a beer for Harry” at Crazylegs to help support our Harry Fischer Memorial Scholarship. It truly is amazing to see all of the staff and community members volunteer their personal time to support such a great cause.
What an honor and privilege these months have been in my new role as Executive Director! I am truly blessed to work with such hardworking, dedicated, supportive, and outstanding individuals! I am proud of the continued direction and growth of MTILP. I am excited for what is in store for remainder of 2019!