Come volunteer with us this summer!


1 of 4 MTILP buses, we also have a van

Once summer is finally here, everyone is itching to get outside more and do outdoor trips around our community.

MTILP has weekly student volunteers in the fall and spring but currently doesn’t have students that volunteer over summer. So we need your help to take our clients to fun places and events over the summer months.

From parks to the zoo to music events and searching for Bucky badger statues we have a lot of things we’d love to do with our clients this summer.

If this sounds like fun to you please consider volunteering your time. Our trips take place from 1-2pm Monday through Friday and you can meet us at locations or ride our bus depending on space. You will be partnered with one of our clients in a wheelchair and assist them in having a great time where ever we go.

For more information about volunteering contact Taneil, Day Program Assistant Director, via phone 608 288-8663 or email

Click here for the Volunteer Application