Success Stories

Below is a collection of testimonials we have received on behalf of our work in the community and with our clients.

In our community

American Family Insurance volunteer group 2015
American Family Days of Caring volunteer group.

“Thank YOU for all that you do…and for being so fantastic with all of the clients.  Yesterday truly changed me in a way that I didn’t expect.  It was such a blessing to take part in the activities, get to know a couple of the clients, and see your team in action.  I am a better, richer person after having experienced it.  So, thank you again.”

  • Written by Amy who volunteered with us during an American Family Days of Caring event.
Mad DE volunteers at the Henry Vilas Zoo.

“We had so much fun! Part of MTILP’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for their clients and seeing their happiness during community integration trips shows that is being achieved. We were paired with clients in wheelchairs to walk through the zoo. It was a great time, especially knowing that because of our group’s volunteerism, MTILP was able to bring more than twice the amount of people out to enjoy the trip than usual.”

  • Written by Chris who volunteered with us for a Mad DE Volunteer Project.
“I have been volunteering with MTILP for over a year now, and absolutely love both the workers and clients there! By volunteering an hour or two a week, I really feel like I can make a difference by just spending time with the clients. Every person there is so unique, and when you form a bond with someone or make someone smile, you’ll never stop coming back. Such a positive environment and meaningful experience!”
posted on March 24, 2014
  • Written by Emily Wagner our first recognized volunteer of the year.

From our employers

Amanda and her Coworkers
Amanda and her Coworkers

“Amanda is a wonderful part of our Starbucks Team. Her hard work consistently makes the Monona Starbucks a better place for both our customers and our partners.”

Leslie Milton

Store Manager