Outdoor space remodel

MTILP is fundraising for an outdoor space remodel. These are pictures of our current space. What do you think this space needs? We think it should be an inviting, safe and beautiful space for our clients to independently enjoy! Can you help us?

outdoor space donation

Donate any amount in $5 increments towards our outdoor space remodel. Thank you for supporting MTILP and the people we serve!





Spring Fundraiser

Crazylegs Classic Pour a Beer for Harry on the morning of April 27th, 2019. This volunteer event raises money for our scholarship program. Please contact Taneil at or 608-288-8663 if interested in volunteering with us.



Memorial Scholarship

In 2013 MTILP, Inc. began to focus more on fundraising efforts.  Funds raised are used on educational programming, entertainment and job development aids for clients. Also as of 2015, MTILP started the annual Harry A. Fischer Memorial Scholarship to support graduating seniors who may pursue further education in a business or human service field.

To donate to the Harry A. Fischer Memorial Scholarship or to MTILP go to our contact page.

Shane Fischer and Kim Fischer presenting the 2018 Harry A. Fischer Memorial Scholarships at Evansville High School.

2018 Harry A. Fischer Memorial Scholarship recipients:  Madelyne Krueger and Cierra Glick with Shane Fischer and Kim Fischer.

Some of our past fundraisers can be seen in the slideshow.

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