Mobility Training and In-Home Support

Joan Fischer, Director of Mobility and In-home Support Programs /email


MTILP, Inc. provides community-based Occupational Therapy assessment and training for adults with disabilities in Dane County.  Mobility Training includes the use of public and specialized transportation, pedestrian safety and orientation to work and community environment.

In-home support includes assessment and training for home safety, routine home care, money management, nutrition and meal planning, grooming/hygiene and leisure skill development.

We also provide recommendations and assist in the acquisition of adaptive equipment and mobility aids.  Our professional staff works closely with the consumer, family members and support staff to develop appropriate training objectives and ensure adequate follow-up.

If you would like to provide a client referral to MTILP, please Click here to access our referral form. You may mail in the form, or fax it to Joan Fischer’s attention. Referrals are accepted from Dane County and Family Care Case Managers, IRIS consultants, and Support Brokers. Persons interested in private pay services must contact Joan Fischer directly prior to submitting a referral.


Mobility Training Director
Joan Fischer